I'm Bill Blackburn

photographer extraordinaire

 I’ve been telling stories for over fifteen years through the lens of a camera.

I live in Elkhart, Indiana. – the RV capitol of the world! But am originally from Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City and been married for over 27 years now to my beautiful wife, Mellisa. We have three grown – or semi-grown young adult kids.

I make videos for the Office of Natural Resources Revenue. And I shoot people (with my camera). When I’m not making videos or taking pictures, I’m doing crazy things like wearing kilts and marching in parades. Or making Star Wars costumes and doing charity events.

Bill Blackburn and his family posing in front of a graduation banner

It started with a story

I used to be in the Navy as a submariner in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. And I also did a couple things with the Army National Guard and the Navy Reserve. During my deployment to Kuwait in 2005, I began to document my experiences and share them with people back home.

Based on encouragement from family and friends, I realized I could tell stories through my photography.

So, I pursued it as a full-time profession, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Freelance Photojournalism from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2008.

I have degrees in Applied Nuclear Science…Let’s just say it was super nerdy nuclear procedures and processes and tech writing.

And Freelance Photojournalism. (As in, I tell stories with pictures). Check out my google guides posts with over 13 million views!

And in Digital Media Journalism (Meaning, I tell stories with video).

Bill Blackburn posing in front of Rome Colosseum during military deployment

Turning your vision into reality

Since then, I’ve been privileged to work with the most amazing clients, from cosplayers to high school seniors and families.

I’ve been published in local Colorado newspapers, the Star Wars Insider magazine, and in several online publications and websites.

When you wrap all of that up, I’m the go-to guy for taking your vision and turning it into reality. I’d love to help you out, too. Drop me a line.

Bill Blackburn wearing Got Kilt shirt and green tactical kilt