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Let's work together.

If you are interested in learning to improve your photographic skills for your company or organization, we would love to work with you in a one-on-one setting.


We offer a free initial 30-minute consultation to determine the scope of your needs.


How do I book a shoot?

Shoot us an email. Give us a call. Fill out the form.

Let’s talk pictures!

How many images will I receive?

This varies based on the package you choose. If you want more pictures, let us know and we can easily work with you!

Where are you based?

I'm based out of Elkhart, Indiana!

Do you travel?

I'm open to travel if you cover the costs! I've been all over the United States and even overseas.

What is your turnaround time?

I try to have your pictures back within a week depending on the number of pictures. For events and larger photo shoots, it will take longer. Professional pictures don't happen overnight!

Looking for a back up photographer?

If you are a wedding photographer, we would love to be your back-up photographer or videographer. We’re comfortable in all kinds of settings and locations.

How do I get my pictures?

Once we’ve finished your photoshoot, we cherry pick the best photographs with your help, then apply our professional post-editing process to the final selection.

We’ll upload the photos into a private album, so that you can download them at your leisure. You retain full rights to your photos. Though we’d like to use a couple of our favorites for marketing purposes with your permission.

What services do you offer?

Some of the photography services we offer are

• Event photography
• Cosplay portraiture
• In house headshots and portraits
• On location headshots and portraits
• Senior portraits
• Family portraits
• Environmental Portraiture
• And much more

Have a different need? Want to create something unique? We’d love to work with you to bring your vision to life.